Plumbing Renovations and Maintenance

  • At Deeming Solutions, we offer all Plumbing Installation solutions that the client may require. There are three main areas that we focus on:
  • Complete Plumbing Installations for the Construction Industry:

We have experience on large Construction projects and will ensure the success of your building’s plumbing installation.

  • Complete Plumbing Installations on New Houses:

We have installed complete plumbing for new Houses on many past projects – we are the experts.

  • Plumbing Installations to additions on Houses / Office Blocks:

Adding more features to your House or Office blocks? We are the right people for you.

Deeming Solutions do Plumbing Renovations on various different sites.

  • Renovations of Existing Plumbing Installations – Office buildings, Homes, Shopping Centre’s – no matter what kind of building you have, we will renovate your plumbing!
  • Plumbing Renovations of Bathrooms in Houses – We will make that old bathroom brand new!
  • Complete Renovations of Plumbing Installations in Office Blocks – No building too small or too large, we will renovate it all.
  • Burst pipe replacements and restoration
  • Geyser servicing and fitting
  • Drain pipe unblocking
  • General maintenance
  • Ceiling replacements and restoration