Hygiene Services

Supply of consumables and dispensers
We offer a complete range of consumables to our clients. For quality purposes only national brands are used by us. In addition to supplying hygiene products, our hygiene services also maintain and refill these products on a regular basis. This means that you don’t need to worry about their upkeep. We offer rental option for our hygiene services, during which we’ll maintain your hygiene equipment as often as you need it depending on your business needs.

We supply a wide range of hygiene services and products to cover all areas of your business premises. These include:

  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers: We install, refill and maintain these soap dispensers for better hygiene in your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Toilet Hygiene Services: From she bins and safe seat dispensers to toilet roll holders our hygiene services and products ensure that your toilet cubicles stay clean and hygienic.
  • Air Freshener Dispensers: Our air freshener dispensers ensure fresh and quality air in your bathrooms and any other selected areas.
  • Hand Dryers: We provide and service both air hand dryers and paper towel dispensers