Deeming Solutions has a qualified landscaper who provides a professional, excellent quality service of assessing and managing different garden requirements. Deeming Solution’s gardening services include designing and landscaping restoration of gardens, and reconstructing of gardens on existing garden layout. The different garden service options include:

  • Planning and implementation of landscaping
  • Implementation of the plan section by section, governed by the client’s budget
  • Assisting the client with garden maintenance and their requirements as and when required. This adhoc service is billed on an hourly rate that covers the designer’s input and guidance.

Our implementation involves the full site preparation utilising organic support material including fertilising and composing, hard landscape layout and correct planting procedures. All plants are staked and positioned directly from the plan.

Restoration of existing gardens

If your dream garden has turned out into an overgrown nightmare, and you are at a loss as to what to do and where to start, the Deeming Solutions gardening specialists can provide maintenance/restoration services. We accommodate your budget by restoring one section of your garden at a time, according to at you can afford at that particular time. Our gardening experts provide the following services for your garden:

  • Clearing of weeds
  • Removal of invasive plant material
  • Composting to rejuvenate
  • Restoring and regrouping existing fillers and groundcovers
  • Pruning and cutting overgrown shrubs and trees
  • Splitting and propagating ting fillers and groundcovers

In keeping with the world trends, we believe in looking after the environment and the sustainable use thereof. To this regard, we specialise in environmental rehabilitation and we also encourage the use of indigenous plant material. We believe that as the global environmental awareness increases, demand for this type of landscaping will gain moment and the industrial sector might be required to comply with the sustainable us of their land.

A large percentage of Deeming Solutions’ work involves designing, implementing, maintaining and rehabilitating vast land areas for prominent national entities. Our work in t is area includes:

  • Design spaces according to clients’ briefs
  • Presentation of project outline together with the philosophy concept
  • Detailed information on plant material used
  • Comprehensive reports on overall scope of work