Standard Cleaning of ATMs

The standard cleaning includes the cleaning of:

  • ATM Fascia and Bezel
  • Surround
  • Keyboard
  • Function keys
  • Monitor
  • Card Reader (exterior)
  • Writing surfaces
  • Open/closed Indicator
  • Envelope Holder
  • Network Logo Panel
  • Signage
  • Camera Window
  • Light Panels

The surround waste receptacle will be emptied and litter in the immediate area removed.

Deep Cleaning of ATMs

Deep cleaning includes all the services in the standard cleaning as noted above which is done once a month.  It also includes the application of a specialized cleaner and resurface on the monitor which fills in microscopic voids, leaves a protective shield, stops dust attraction and resists fingerprinting.  Stainless steel surfaces will be cleaned and polished with unique products which will buff the surface and repel soil.  All plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces will have a protectant applied which conditions the product and protects it from moisture, oxidation and UV rays.  It also makes the surface anti-static which repels dust and dirt.  Windows immediately adjacent to ATM and wind or sun screens will be cleaned